John Deere 4940 Sprayer

Terra Gator 7300 Twin Bin Spreader

Hagie STS12 120-ft Boom High Clearance Spreader

GAPS FS has two of these models in its fleet.

12-Ton Dry Fertilizer Tender

ParKan Seed/Weigh Combination

Used to deliver seed to farms and weigh test plots in the fall.

KBH 22-Ton Dry Fertilizer Tender Trailer

6-Ton Doyle Fertilizer Spreaders

Available for farmers to rent to do their own fertilizer spreading. GAPS FS has four of these available.

Tender Truck

Used to fill sprayers in the field.  GAPS FS has three of these in its fleet.

Nurse Tanks

Available for formers to rent to fill their planters and applicators with fertilizer.  GAPS FS has eight of these available.

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